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A listing of hosts who offer lodging in their homes across the globe on a "for a donation" basis.

Mennonite Your Way revives an old Anabaptist tradition by organizing a hospitality network so travelers can share fellowship and travel more economically. The Mennonite Your Way Directory lists Mennonites, Brethren, and other Christians of like spirit who offer space to travelers on a "for donation basis". Orders for the directory and host listings can be submitted on this website, or by mail, phone, or e-mail. MYW host information is distributed in the directory. To work, Mennonite Your Way needs hosts who share hospitality and travelers seeking fellowship, all in a spirit of Christian courtesy.

Do you have to be a Mennonite to participate?

Although many who participate in Mennonite Your Way are Mennonites, or from other Anabaptist fellowships, all like-minded people agreeing with this hospitality plan are welcome to be hosts or travelers using the directory.

Can I register as a host now?

You can apply to be a host family now by clicking on "Register as a Host", above left. If you register as a host you will be included immediately in the directory database. Since Directory 14 has been published you may not get many requests due to the difficulty in distributing your hosting information.

Just click on "Register as a Host" to complete your host order form and return your application to us online, or by postal mail, along with your donation. It's that easy to become a host family with Mennonnite Your Way!

How do we travel more economically and share Christian fellowship at the same time?

As Mennonites, Brethren, or other Christians of like spirit, Mennonite Your Way hosts offer overnight accommodations in their homes in over 20 countries around the world. These are provided to travelers on a "for a donation" basis. Hosts offer what they have in kindness and guests receive what is offered to them with appreciation. Further, most travelers find they save more than the suggested donation for the directory in just one or two overnight stays when compared with commercial lodging.

What are the accommodations?

The accommodations are provided by hosts when it is convenient for them to do so. The directory lists if hosts have extra bed space, floor space for sleeping bags, or space for a camper or tent. Some also offer breakfast if it is convenient for them to do so. Hosts are not expected to provide rides, guide services, meals, or other services unless they wish. Also, hosts are not obligated to take all who contact them. They are free to say "not at this time" if it is not convenient for them to receive guests at the times requested or may ask for references such as the traveler's pastor. The normal length of stay is one or two nights.

What is the suggested donation for staying with a host?

All travelers are requested to leave a donation for their hosts and, if possible, a "hostess gift" such as a jar of jam or family photo or other practical item from their home area. The suggested donation for a night's lodging in Canada and the US is $10.00 per adult and $2.00 per child and whatever is listed by MYW hosts in other countries. However, all hosts face rising costs for housing and utilities and may request a higher donation if discussed and confirmed when initially agreeing to host a guest. If breakfast or another meal is provided, an additional $2.00 per meal is suggested.

How do I make arrangements?

Travelers are responsible to make arrangements directly with the hosts by contacting them by email, phone, or postal mail. Normally those traveling contact their host a week or two in advance to see if the visit is convenient. However, if there is a special need, many hosts are willing to consider guests on "short notice", 12 hours or more. These hosts are noted in the directory listings by the letters "SN". Any special needs by hosts or guests should be discussed and agreed to by all before arrangements are confirmed. Expected arrival times, phone numbers, and the host's time zone and directions are shared as well. Travelers and hosts are asked to call if there is any change in plans.

Does Mennonite Your Way verify or endorse the travelers or hosts?

Mennonite Your Way, as an organization, accepts no responsibility for transactions between host and guest, nor endorses either host or traveler. In all relationships let love and generosity flourish.

How large is the directory?

The current Mennonite Your Way Directory includes about 900 host families in 23 countries. Mennonite Your Way welcomes new hosts and guests who share our spirit, from all nations, to participate.

How can I indicate my agreement with the Mennonite Your Way plan and receive a directory?

Click here to apply to order the directory if you are unable to host at this time.


Click here to apply to become a host and receive the directory.