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A listing of over 1700 hosts who offer lodging in their homes in over 70 countries on a "for a donation basis."

The Mennonite Your Way Directory

We welcome you to the Mennonite Your Way Directory website. Since it's founding by Leon and Nancy Stauffer in 1976, Mennonite Your Way (MYW) renews an old tradition among Mennonites, Brethren, and other Christians of "like spirit" by organizing a hospitality network so travelers can share Christian courtesy and fellowship. All who agree with the "MYW Plan" can apply to use the Directory. Click at the left to read the "MYW Plan".

Current Editor and Coordinator Jay Basler and his wife Glola.

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Use this website to learn about Mennonite Your Way, order your new Directory and apply to be a host listed in the MYW 2020-2022 Directory 14 or to order the directory for your personal travel.

We invite you to be part of this heritage of courtesy, fellowship and hospitality as a host or traveler. Click on Register as a Host or Order a Directory in the navigation list to the left to apply to be a part of the Mennonite Your Way Directory Family. NOTE: If you are traveling before you receive Directory 14 and do not have a copy of Directory 13, please contact us via phone or email to order a copy.

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How to use the Mennonite Your Way Directory Host Listings

Your Donation per Night to your Host

For Directory 14, the suggested donation to your MYW host in Canada or the USA is $10.00 per adult, $2.00 per child and if breakfast is offered, $2.00 per meal per person unless otherwise noted in the host's listing. Consult with international hosts when making reservations regarding their preferred donation and currency.

To receive a printed copy of MYW Directory 14, the suggested donation in USD is: