Since the beginning of MYW, all host listings have been shared and distributed in printed form. We wish to keep that tradition alive for the sake of those hosts/guests who prefer offline interaction. The Printed Directory will operate much like it has in the past. Hosts may choose to list in the Printed Directory only (and PDF version), Online only, or both.

Directory Guidelines & Terms
Mennonite Your Way (MYW) is a wonderful, worldwide family that includes Mennonites, Brethren, and other Christians of like Spirit who receive guests in their home on a donation basis. Hosts share courtesy, fellowship, and hospitality. The per-night suggested donation to hosts is roughly $15.00 (U.S.) per adult, $2.00 (U.S.) per child. Guests agree to provide the donation unless an agreement is made between host and guest. Hosts provide what they wish and guests express appreciation for what is offered. Using the directory, guests contact hosts to see if the host is available to house them—normally one or two nights, unless otherwise set in the initial contact. All guest arrangements must be made between guest and host. MYW as an organization accepts no responsibility for this transaction and endorses neither hosts nor guests. Our motto: “In all relationships let love and generosity flourish.” For the convenience of all, the home of each MYW host should be considered a non-smoking, non-drinking environment during the stay. MYW invites all who agree to these guidelines to apply for and use this directory. The MYW Directory should be used only for your personal or family travel. Please do not loan your directory to anyone who has not applied for and been accepted to be part of the MYW family.

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